The festival is sited on the moon, but first of all you have to reach it.You will learn how to drive a spaceship and advised about warnings.But you’ll leave the planet alone, driving your own ship.Are you gonna do it?

a ship floating in space view on earth from a spaceship lunar view astronaut selfie in space astronaut lost in space picture of the moon


Have you ever visited the London Eye?! We did it better, bigger and higher. From our giant wheel on the moon you’ll be able to see your neighbor’s ass. Watch out: not for weak hearts

Malaspina Glacier landscape Mediterranean landscape Musa Bay Iran landscape earth view landscape aurora borealis from space earth from space earth from space earth from space


Are you a tan lover? We offer the best beauty shop and tanning center in the whole solar system! Join us on the sun and don’t forget the sun cream, you’ll need it! Following the hottest party ever!

facing the sun iss transits in front of the sun an image of the sun another image of the sun another image of the sun


Dip yourself in the deep space and listen to the slow and perpetual beat of billions of stars. Can you hear them? Perhaps they’re just driving you insane.

Cone-Nebula,-NGC-2264 Eagle-Nebula,-M-16,-Messier-16 a image from a far away nebula a image from a far away nebula a image from a far away nebula a image from a far away nebula Reflection_nebula_NGC_1999


Getting tired of the moon adventure?! Take a rest in the black hole accredited to the festival and enjoy the thermal space bath.

supermassive black hole in the nearby galaxy of Centaurus art illustration of two blackholes cgi illustration of blackhole the center of ngc1068 galaxy and its blackhole NGC 5793 is a Seyfert galaxy. These galaxies have incredibly luminous centres that are thought to be caused by hungry supermassive black holes — black holes that can be billions of times the size of the Sun — that pull in and devour gas and dust from their surroundings. a colossal supermassive black hole is hiding in the center of NGC 4526 galaxy